The Heroines is a new superhero project created and led by two women who base all the stories they will publish on the actual events in their lives. Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza have as their central goal the empowerment of all women and to give each and every one of them a strong voice in this sometimes cruel world. Their battle cry is one that liberates and embraces, urges on to battle and heals wounds, and will not let anyone get left behind.

This project is an extension of The Exorcist comic book published on Amazon’s comiXology online comic book marketplace – the largest comic book ‘store’ in the world! The team is working on a new series of printed comic books as well as motion picture content.

Superhero Exorcist, created by Victoria Unikel, has a long history in Europe as an ardent anti-Communist and social justice fighter and now has found a home in the USA to defend the people of the world against the forces of darkness and evil. Her partner is the former Russian Spy Aliia Roza as the superhero Roza Spy. 
Roza Spy is the ex-killing machine that has gone over to the side of the good guys and has made it her mission to fight evil and criminals wherever she sees them. Having gone rogue from the Russian military, she is now a free agent and has found a kindred spirit in The Exorcist. Together they fight all the powers of evil.