Tabloid Podium – Hot cars and superheroes Victoria Unikel and Aliia Roza on parade

They took South Beach by storm, and came bearing gifts for all! Crowds showed up when new superheroes The Exorcist and Roza Spy arrived at the head of a convoy of wild cartoon cars with Naruto designs and other amazing graphics last Sunday, December 26th. As they cruised up the middle of South Beach, their call could be heard – ‘Heroines, GO!’. 

The procession of cars was led by a monster Jeep that carried the super heroines of a new comic saga, HEROINES. They brought a lot of gifts for the onlookers gathered on South Beach and easily pulled in a big crowd of people cheering for the gifts worth a total of $6000. Read full article at Tabloid Podium magazine

Victoria Unikel Aliia Roza